C003 A Shelley “Archway of Roses” Table Service

Ref: C003
Date: 1925
Quantity: A set
Dimensions: various
Price: $1575

A Shelley beautifully decorated ‘Archway of Roses’ bone china table service. It consists of six platters 19″, 17.25″, 15″, 12.5″, and two at 11.5″. Twelve 9.5″ square plates ((10.5″ diagonally), eleven 8.25″ square plates, eleven 6.25″ square plates, a pair veg dishes with lids, a gravy boat and a creamer. Each piece shows the Shelley Mark, a registration number 723404, and pattern no 11606 on it’s underside. Circa 1925. The set is in beautiful condition, nice and bright and no damage noted.


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