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A Staffordshire Six Piece Part Dessert Service, decorated in Imari palette

Ref: B568
Date: 1860
Quantity: a set
Dimensions: various
Price: $375

An Ashworth’s Ironstone-China Platter Imari Pattern

Ref: B567a
Date: 1880
Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 20.25 inches long by 16,25" wide
Price: $350

A Pair of C19th Staffordshire Blue & White Transfer Printed Ironstone platters

Ref: B560b
Date: 1825
Quantity: A pair
Dimensions: 14.75
Price: $325

A Large Flow Blue Staffordshire Berry Pattern Platter

Ref: B559b
Date: 1840
Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 19.5 inches by 16.25 inches
Price: $395

A Derby King’s Pattern Teapot

Ref: B565
Date: 1800-1815
Quantity: 1
Price: SOLD

A Pair of Early Coalport Sauce Tureens and Stands in the Finger and Thumb Pattern

Ref: B519e
Date: 1800 - 1810
Quantity: a Pair
Dimensions: various
Price: $550 the pair

An Early Coalport Comport in the Finger and Thumb pattern

Ref: B519c
Date: 1800 - 1810
Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 12.25 inches long
Price: $450

A Copeland and Garrett Botanical Dessert Service

Ref: B520
Date: 1833-47
Quantity: A set
Dimensions: various
Price: $825

Ashworth’s Ironstone Dinner Service

Ref: B532
Date: 1884
Quantity: A set
Dimensions: various
Price: $3600

An Ironstone Tree and Well by Hicks, Meigh and Johnson

Ref: A521c
Date: 1828
Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 21" long
Price: $275

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